We believe in the edtech of the future.

Fronting the learning horizon with educational software

Our team strives to sprint side by side with all the current emerging trends in the digital world. We readily welcome every spark of emerging technology that can change the future of learning for the better. On an everyday basis, our professionals brainstorm possibilities and ideas regarding new projects, creating new realities of the tomorrow that will make progress in the field of educational practice

Progressive edtech development

You want to build solutions for tomorrow today. In our Innovative lab, we employ methods of agile startup development that will complement the practice of our company and its final goal. We dream up novel ideas and make them a reality of teaching and learning experience using state-of-the-art technologies.

AI Edu lab

The AI Edu lab consists of a group of experts and scientists who have the ambition to be leading forces in implementing AI methods for educational purposes to tackle any challenge of 21st-century learning.
The lab has two objectives: developing AI algorithms to optimize the functionality of school management systems and the application of AI resources into education methods.

AI and ML learning

This recently launched project is focused on utilizing the most positive aspects of artificial intelligence and machine learning, creating a progressive space for contemporary students to use and develop their skills and knowledge through digital benefits. Our company has been recognized as one of the leaders in implementing the latest technological practices in the field of education.

Commited to the change.

Our most important facet is the solid ambition to create a difference in the ways technology is used for educational purposes. We strive to be forward-thinking and to work at a fast pace, but to carefully examine every aspect of the idea we bring to the work table.

Delivering a fresh outlook on the learning technology.

Edtech is a creative process

The agile voyage to innovation

1. Understanding

Exploring the issue

2. Experimenting

Trying divergent solutions

3. Prototyping

Creating a consensual blueprint

4. Testing

Putting the result into practice

5. Enhancing

Boosting the basics

6. Learning

Seeing the pros and cons