Boost your professional experience with us

We always encourage people to invest in their professional development and use their enhanced skills in practice. Our office is an incredible place to learn and exercise those skills through working with us on developing our solutions. All we need from you is to be skilled and motivated to work and learn, as that policy aligns with our values for making educational software for the best teaching and learning experience. The intern will be given adequate training to perform given tasks and responsibilities and will be properly challenged to develop their skills and capabilities.

Many interns are looking for a full-time offer after the program. For the best of them, we make sure they become a regular part of our team and become an integral part of our work.

Choosing the best quality

All companies within LINKgroup are intertwined and connected to one another, which means that we are able to choose and recruit the best professionals in their fields, utlilizing the internal structure of the company.

Who can join us

We have started the LINK Internship program so our company can support your future professional development and offer you the best chance to do your internship and learn in practice. Every student of ITS and ITHS courses who expresses an interest in the internship program is invited to apply!

Learn from the best

The LINK Internship program is a unique chance to learn from professionals and build your professional biography. You will learn from experts from the industry who will gladly share their experience and knowledge with you in order for you to get valuable experience, which will be appreciated by the hiring managers.

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Interns passed through SoftLINK training

We helped young IT enthusiasts find their calling here, and gain valuable knowledge that they use in practice.

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Interns were hired at SoftLINK after completing the internship

If you prove yourself to be a talented developer, there is always a chance we will decide to hire you and let you join our team on a permanent basis!

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Tasks done by our interns

We always encourage our interns to develop a sense of self-sufficiency, and we are proud of the number of assignments they have completed.

How we see you

To apply for a three-month-long intern service you need:

  • to be young and responsible;
  • to be motivated, communicative and ready to show initiative;
  • to have shown interest in business while attending your course at ITA;
  • to have your projects recommended;
  • to be willing to work on your skills and learn;
  • be ready to show what you know, while no relevant work experience is required;
  • to pass the test given to you by us;
  • to have finished an ITAcademy course.

Your future matters to us

We offer the best interns a chance to get full-time employment at our company if they prove to be excellent professionals and show significant interest in continuing to develop their capabilities and their business skills.

Our interns' testimonials

An exceptional experience for professional development

Learned from the best
“I applied for an internship at SoftLINK in order to enhance my programming skills by assisting senior developers. The experience was incredibly rewarding because not only did I broaden my knowledge about different types of educational software, I also met incredible professionals who helped me improve my skills and by doing that, pushed me forward in career development.”
Ivan Janković

PHP developer

A very balanced programme
“I can absolutely say that the internship at SoftLINK was a huge investment for my professional future. Me and my colleagues were selected for a 3-month internship and by that time we were fully invested in projects, with a clear understanding of assignments and expectations. We were able to balance our obligations at college and our work schedule, and we also had enough free time.”
Danilo Petrovski

Frontend developer

A great next step
“SoftLINK office is an excellent working environment. Also, the program allows you to immediately engage with different types of projects, which was of the utmost importance for me. My study program directly connected me to the SoftLINK company, and I was delighted to work there, because it has given me very valuable knowledge and an opportunity to practice the skills I gained at school.”
Jovan Teomirović

Testing & QA program student at ITAcademy