Top management for creating children's future.

Since the educational system is rapidly evolving and adapting to the new standards in terms of management and teaching methods, the old ways of managing a school with a traditional school diary and manual administration have been proven to reduce the effectiveness of schools. As the software that helps educational institutions manage their business more easily was introduced, there has been a question – what will bring the best experience to the school management with easy use and reasonable cost?

Elementary schools are no different from other schools in terms of management except for the fact that younger students need more support and managing their personal data effectively is of the utmost importance to the parents. LINK Elementary provides schools with the most well-rounded software solution for managing everything from HR administration to detailed personal information about students and school life.

What is LINK Elementary?

LINK Elementary is a school information system that greatly simplifies and advances the management of elementary school administration and the overall functioning of the school by letting administrators easily access all kinds of data about school life and the students. That way the software significantly improves the organization of the school management system and pushes it into a better direction in terms of fast and effective functioning and overall learning experience.

What options does LINK Elementary have?

Enrollment processes

Allows detailed organization of entrance exams and maintains seamless communication throughout the admission process.


Provides detailed insight into the curriculum by individual subjects and extracurricular activities.

School and students

Tracks all data regarding students’ status during their schooling, including their personal information, grades, and conduct assessments.

Student ID

Provides insight into a wide range of students’ personal information, including parents’ details and whereabouts.

Issuance of certificates

Allows issuance of various customized types of certificates, including grades, student status, and special certificates by personal request.


Delivers reports on students’ attendance and absence records, a review of the students by year or course they are attending, and the structure of classes by custom criteria.

Teaching record

Feature for curriculum tracking, review of subjects, teaching groups and classes, and reports on the subject and student performance.


A LINK e-Diary feature allows input of data regarding classes,
and can be simply integrated with the student service on the school website.

Grading system

Simplified management of students’ grades which allows creating detailed reports on the overall performance, and grouping students by grade.


Tracks student grades and performance by trimesters, and reviews their history.

Finance and accounting

A feature based on the LINK CORE system for reviewing financial reports and managing school fees.

Human resources

Allows effective and simple management of internal and external school staff, and other types of employees.

Library system management

An integrated LINK Digital Librarian feature that allows library administration, lending books, and record of all library data.

Parent portal

An interactive platform that serves as a students’ parents’ social media outlet, allowing them to keep up to date with school news.

Strong data security

All data is encrypted and safe within the system, which ensures high levels of personal protection.

Custom option development

The solution offers high levels of customization capacity, and all features can be personalized according to the client’s individual needs.

Why should you purchase LINK Elementary?


Incorporating LINK Elementary into the school system brings great satisfaction among both teachers and parents; the results from our clients have demonstrated high levels of comfort regarding the availability of information about the children’s life at school.


The software supports all aspects of a student’s educational experience and includes demographic data and information related to scheduling, attendance, discipline, health, grades, test results, and academic programs. LINK Elementary is a secure, web-based system accessible by staff, students and parents.


Support and maintenance of the software are always available and provided by our IT support desk from the moment it is installed into the school system. Users will be notified regularly about available updates in order to make maximum use of the software.


The system is centralized, i.e., all data is available in one place to anyone involved in the school processes.


Teachers are able to electronically enter the curriculum; register books; prepare, assign and evaluate written assignments, oral examinations, seminar papers.