Who are our clients

Driven by the future ready mutual goals

Over the years, SoftLINK has successfully developed custom software systems for some of the most prominent clients from the educational world, creating a solid collaboration system. The clients for whom we create solutions can have very different needs, but we and they always share one common goal – and that is to connect our clients with their best potential in creating an agile environment for the education of the future.

We take time to understand your individual goals and tailor the best possible software solution to fit your educational needs.

Why do schools love us?

Besides the fact that they let them simply eliminate the boring manual paperwork, schools endorse our software solutions because they truly bring their classrooms to the 21st century. There is much evidence that incorporating edtech into school routine improves overall student performance and satisfaction with the institution, and does the same for the school administration.

Why do teachers love us?

Many teachers do not feel fulfilled by traditional classroom teaching anymore. Our software solutions can allow them to explore other paths of education, which allow them to channel their love for technology and learning in order to make the learning and grading experience for their students as pleasurable and easy as it has become for themselves.

Why do students love us?

Communication and collaboration are very important for students. We make software designed to assure this interaction is as fruitful and productive as possible, aligning with their individual pace of learning. We have always had incredible feedback from pupils, who endorse our software, claiming that it made their education way more fun and easy, as modern learning should always be.


What our partners say about their experience

Old and reliable partnership
”Partnership with SoftLink dates way back from its foundation and ever since we have always had an incredible creative flux. We frequently incorporate SoftLink solutions into our business, and our experience with their information and learning systems has been nothing but positive.”
ITS - Information Technology School

Better educational experience for everyone
“LINKElementary software made our administrative work more efficient in a great way. It gave us a plain overview of all data in our system and helped us develop a better experience for employees and an opportunity to focus more on our students.”
Primary School Savremena

Progressive learning experience
”DLS system is an integral part of our academic practice and it created an incredible and different experience for our students, which sets us apart from other educational facilities of the same type as more progressive, pragmatic and effective . We recommend it.”


Have an idea you want to develop together? Let us know.

Always encouraging creativity and innovation, we are more than thrilled to help you launch any idea your mind comes up with. We will give our best resources and energy to make your project grow and bring compelling future into your business.