Solutions for the forward teaching and learning experience.

We combine a creative design approach, quality, exceptional software engineering, and true interest in making progress with technology to create educational software solutions for the new times, and adjust them to suit personalized business needs, which also brings our clients great professional advantage. Our software allows educational institutions to focus more on student experience, rather than on management issues.

LINK Distance Learning System is an e-learning platform designed to break the boundaries of time and space in order to provide learners with knowledge in a most quality way, with educational interaction happening completely online on the...
LINK Distance Learning System
LINK VideoCourse platform is  software solution that provides users with an interactive space for learning by video courses.  It offers a wide range of options for engaging with them and creating impactful learning experiences of the future...
LINK VideoCourse
LINK Live is a virtual classroom streaming software that is included in the Distance Learning System but also is a separate feature. It brings users an easy way to hold and participate in remote lectures via the most...
LINKTesting offers multiple options for customizing various types of tests and quizzes by client’s personalized educational needs, provides automatized grading of students, and brings overall engaging examining experience for everyone involved. The software is frequently used for...
LINK Testing
LINK Lingua is a compelling foreign language learning platform that brings learners the best interactive and engaging features for practicing language skills. Based on Distance Learning System, it will give learners an opportunity to develop their language...
LINK Lingua
LINKBoard is a learning management system platform that is intended to help companies create and manage employee training and courses. Mostly intended for corporate use, the software provides users with a great number of options to boost...
LINKElementary is an elementary school management system that greatly simplifies the elementary school administration and delivers quick information circulation by providing centralized access to all kinds of data regarding school life and interaction with students.
High school management requires ongoing management that deals not only with organizational processes but also with both parent and student communication. LINK TrueHigh software solution improves that aspect and lets interaction between the school and pupils be...
LINK TrueHigh
LINK CollegeManager is designed to help universities run effectively and make running administrative things easier. It is customized according to the needs of the facility to manage their activities precisely and purposefully
LINK CollegeManager
LINK Marketer is a software solution that helps users advertise their assets and communicate with clients via instant messaging systems, such as SMS or Viber. Schools and other users can create creative and customizable messaging campaigns for...
LINK Marketer
With the digitalization of all school activities so came the automatization of the school administration. Communication between the school, the parents and the students has never been quicker and more precise – paperless, time-saving and secure.
LINK e-Diary
With this low maintenance software solution with frequent updates you will have full access to all kinds of library data, assuring that tracking record of literature and stats is flexible and easier to manage.
LINK Digital Librarian
LINK EduHR simplifies HR management processes. It is suitable for various types of business and is built to help companies stay agile and professional. It offers key features that make human resources management easier and detailed, while...
LINK CORE is an advanced solution for managing finance operations in an easy and transparent way, allowing institutions to be more productive and efficient by integrating a reliable and stable platform for automatizing finance administration.
SoftLink Mobile Distance Learning App is a portable version of the unique DLS e-learning platform that provides users with complete access to all learning resources and features of the desktop version. The app gives the learners a...
LINK Distance Learning System for Android
LINK Mobile Distance Learning App is a portable version of the unique LINK Distance Learning e-learning platform that provides users with complete access to all learning resources and features of the desktop version. The app gives the...
LINK Distance Learning System for iOS
LINK SchoolBuilder is a content management system specially designed for building and maintaining websites of educational facilities, by allowing administrators to easily interact with a clear software interface and manage content with a creative spark, which will,...
LINK SchoolBuilder
LINKtoLEARN is a video course platform with the purpose of creating and issuing high-quality video courses from various fields of study, created by experts and intended for exceptional professional development. The platform offers numerous options for engaging...
LINKContest is a platform for creating personalized creative problem-solving challenges that engage users to learn in a fun and interactive way by solving puzzles. The platform is intended to automate processes in terms of challenge management.
LINKContest – Contest creator
By the time our lives were completely involved in the perks of the digital age, an increased pressure to store an incredible amount of information and to keep track of more and more obligations appeared.

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