Create learning for a steady workforce.

Employee training and onboarding are among the most important features in modern company leadership. Every company wants to establish and maintain a stable and educated workforce, with highly effective skills in their field, and to make sure they are constantly developing and upgrading their knowledge towards the best possible outcome of the business. To make education and training of the employees efficient and effective, organizations and corporations have to think about saving time and resources while providing the best learning experience for them.

That is when great learning management systems come into the picture – with the LINKBoard platform, your business will have access to incredible benefits of organized online learning, with the purpose of providing the best knowledge in order to create the market’s top workforce.

What is LINK Board?

LINK Board is a learning management system customized for different users and clients in order to offer them a wide range of corporate courses and training. It is mostly intended for professionals and for corporate use, in order to provide the best training for the employees. Learners who use the LINK Board platform will acquire valuable knowledge and certifications in any field that a given business requires for its workforce. The content of the courses can be customized according to the individual needs of the client.

Why should you purchase LINKBoard?


A learning management system is much more than just a distance learning platform. With the LINKBoard software, companies will be able to create and manage training programs and courses. Companies can track the progress of the employees in training, having insight into the future quality of their work.


All kinds of companies can use the software – small and medium enterprises, big corporations, specific organizations: LINK Board is created to save time and resources while still providing knowledge by the best worldwide standards.


LINK Board is used for onboarding in a corporate environment. It is utilized to train new employees by providing opportunities for accessing resources by various devices. New employees can add their own knowledge and feedback, which will help employers identify areas where new employees need more assistance.


The software facilitates economic division of time, because it improves the optimization of the training process. Employees can attend courses wherever they are, at the time they find appropriate, saving time and resources for both themselves and the company.

Types of users of LINKBoard

Administrators – obligated to maintain the platform by adding courses and study plans, assigning courses to a specific group of learners, and tracking their progress.

Learners – who choose among a great number of options on the platform, such as attending and reviewing assignments, progressing through individual learning, or learning based on their position in the company.

What are the options of LINKBoard?

  • Easily adding new content
  • Automatic assignment of courses to employees
  • Different formats of teaching: audio and video media, tests and quizzes, live streams, etc.
  • Reports: information on finished courses, rate of successful completion, course history, pace of learning
  • Automatization of processes
  • Customized certification
  • Creating new and adding existing courses
  • Creating tests and quizzes
  • Creating research modules
  • Bite-sized learning
  • Soft skills training support