LINK Distance Learning System for iOS

The best learning experience is just a touch away from your iPhone or iPad

What is LINK Distance Learning System for iOS?

LINK Distance Learning System for iOS is an exceptional and unique e-learning mobile platform that provides users with a portable version of the Distance Learning desktop app for Apple devices. It creates an educational tool for creating the experience of a completely new way of learning, supported by the latest technological solutions.

The app is completely free and available for all iOS devices. Download the app and join the community of learners who practice this kind of completely modern distance learning method.

Experience a completely revolutionary way of education

Wherever and whenever you are – learning material is just a touch away! LINK Distance Learning iOS app provides you with an exceptional tool for remote learning which extends the possibilities of the traditional classroom, to allow you to learn in a way that you always wanted! The app puts all the necessary material for education in your pocket or hand – you only need to have a desire for adopting knowledge of the utmost quality.

The iOS version of the app provides learners with the ability to choose and manage courses, teaching modules, lessons, multimedia content; join live classes on the platform; take assignments and tests; communicate with teachers – all via your portable Apple device.

Assess your knowledge without boundaries!

Checking what you have learned knowledge has never been easier! With LINK Distance Learning for iOS, you can easily access testing modules from your device and, regardless of place and time, do assignments, finish tasks for the chosen course, and assess yourself. Choose, slide, fill in the tests and check your answers simply and quickly. And we assure you that the knowledge you gain is of the best quality.

Stay connected when you are not there

With the help of LINK DistanceLearning for iOS, you will remain as present and connected with your teachers and classmates as if you were physically there with them. Teachers will answer your questions on the platform within 24 hours, and be available for additional consulting about anything related to the course. On the EduWall and the forum, you will find a wealth of information and answers to frequently asked questions and effectively interact with each other.

Download the app now

If you wish to learn without boundaries, whenever and wherever you want without concerns, try out LINK Distance Learning for iOS and experience the best e-Learning software right now!

Participate in live stream lectures

You are not bound to go to the classroom anymore. If you are tired, live far away, or unable to physically attend for some other reason, with LINK Distance Learning for iOS you can join live streams, participate in the latest lectures that take place away from you, and not miss anything.

Remain updated at all times!

The app allows you to keep pace with your courses and news from your field of study. The app will ring you with messages, news. learning instructions, newest manuals, and notifications – all this in your own Apple device!

LINK Distance Learning System for iOS