LINK TrueHigh

Create high school management experience of the future.

With LINK TrueHigh implemented at your school, administrative work will no longer be slow as it is when done manually. This software significantly improves the overall performance of the school management system and improves students’ experience by saving their time which would be wasted on filling out papers and showing up at students’ services.

What is LINK TrueHigh?

LINK TrueHigh is a high school information system that greatly improves the functioning of high school administration. The progressive qualities of the data organization process improve both administrative and teaching processes in schools.

What options does LINK TrueHigh include?

Enrollment processes

This feature allows users to have insight into the admissions inquiry forms. It also gives insight into the details of the entrance exams, such as subjects tested and points won.


Provides a clear review of subjects and courses students are attending, with detailed descriptions of curricula, subject teachers, literature needed for the course, and marks that students acquire by completing it.

School and students

Tracks all data regarding students’ status during their schooling, including their personal information, grades and conduct.

Students ID

Insight into the wide range of students’ personal information, including parent detail, citizenship, and whereabouts.

Issuance of certificates

A feature for issuing various types of certifications, such as for passed exams, student status, and many more. Individual customization of the certificate occasion is available at any time.


Delivers reports on students’ presence and absence records, review of the students by year or course they are attending, assigned courses, and structure of classes by custom criteria.

Teaching record

Feature for curriculum tracking, review of subjects, teaching groups and classes, and reports on the subject and student performance.


LINK e-Diary feature allows input of data regarding lessons and students and can be integrated with the student service on the school website.

Grading system

Easy management of students’ grades that allows creating plain and detailed reports on the overall performance and grouping of students by grade.


Allows tracking student grades and performance by trimesters, and reviewing their history.

Finance and accounting

A feature of the LINK CORE system for reviewing financial reports and managing school fees.

Human resources

A LINK EduHR feature that simplifies the human resources management by keeping track of the data about all integral parts of the work distribution process. It allows a review of current and past employees in the school with ID cards and additional information, their position in the university hierarchy, and much more.

Library system management

An integrated software solution concerned with library administration, books lending and keeping a record of all library data.

Final thesis data

A plain overview of the students’ final thesis information, including the topic of the thesis, record of the grade received, and the mentors’ comments on the thesis.

Report card

Save money, paper, and ink by integrating digital report cards in your school system, which will provide detailed overall information about students’ performance and grades.

Custom option development

The software offers high levels of customization capacity and all features can be personalized according to the client’s individual needs.

Why should you purchase LINK TrueHigh?


It enables the integration of all significant activities related to students, teaching and other processes in educational institutions.


One of its key advantages, in addition to integrating all data into one database, is a significant reduction in the duration of work processes in student services. By using LINK TrueHigh, student services have access to all necessary information in one place; they have immediate feedback on any request; creating reports is completely facilitated and instantaneous; changing data about students is an uncomplicated process; there is no more tedious search for written documentation, etc.


Educational institutions’ employees have all the necessary data and information within one information system.


Teachers are able to electronically enter the curriculum; register books; prepare, assign and evaluate written assignments, oral answers, seminar papers.


It offers analysis and comparison of all elements entered into the system, as well as their monitoring in real-time.

LINK TrueHigh