LINK CollegeManager

Take university management to another level.

What is LINK CollegeManager?

LINK CollegeManager is a university administration system that advances the functionality and management of universities in many ways, providing easy access to information and data, which means work is done more efficiently and more punctually.

With the implementation of LINK CollegeManager, students will no longer waste time waiting in lines in front of the student service, filling out paper forms. Employees at educational institutions that integrate the software into their work have all the necessary data and information within one information system. Entry and search is instantaneous, eliminating the tedious process of filling out various types of forms, applications, certificates, etc.

What are the options of LINK CollegeManager?


Provides a plain and reliable spot for storing administrative and instructional codes that are of importance for university management.

Enrollment and admission exams

This feature provides insight into the admissions enquiry forms. It also gives insight into the details of entrance exams, such as subjects tested and points won.

Subjects and courses

This aspect is in charge of a clear review of available subjects and courses students can take on at the moment at the university, with detailed descriptions of curricula, subject teachers, literature needed for the course and points that students can acquire by completing it.


This option provides plain and accurate records of various student information, such as students’ absences, review of the students by year or course, track of theses defenses and various other criteria by custom enquiries.

Students ID

Overview of the wide range of students’ personal information, including degree details, ID numbers and whereabouts. Also includes a feature for scheduling course groups and individual semester certification.

Automatic ŠV form filling

Save incredible amount of time by using this feature which automatically inputs data into the form by accessing the students’ ID data from the system database.

Issuance of certificates

A feature for issuing various types of certifications, such as for passed exams, student status and many more. Individual customization of the certificate occasion is available at any time.

Human resources

A feature that simplifies the HR processes by keeping track of the data about all integral parts of the work distribution process. It allows a review of current and past employees at the school with ID cards and additional information, their position in the university hierarchy and much more.

Teaching record

Feature for teacher-supplied data about the lessons – curriculum tracking; overview of the subjects within the course, teaching groups and classes. Also includes the option of creating reports on subject efficiency and student performance on the tests.


Provides insight into details regarding various types of examinations within the university system. It allows an overview of the exams by creating statistic reports about students’ performance in exam terms, and subjects and topics tested.

Finance and accounting

A LINK CORE-based feature which provides a detailed review of the financial reports, fee management, budget planning and other financial management options.

Library system management

A LINK DigitalLibrarian-based feature which provides a number of options regarding library management, handling book data, systematization by genre and other criteria, and more.

Why should you purchase LINK CollegeManager?


LINK CollegeManager allows integration of all the significant activities regarding students, teaching, courses, and other functionalities of the institution. The key advantage of this version of UIS is the progressive approach to making significant improvements to facilitating administrative processes in student services by allowing institutions to have the whole database in one place.


The system, with the support of the student service on the Internet, is designed to provide high levels of comfort to students during their studies when it comes to information and knowledge exchange with their peers and teachers, as well as in various activities such as: exam registration, commitment management during the semester (seminar papers and colloquia), publishing exam results, managing student finances, managing exam deadlines, as well as completed and pending assignments. This saves valuable time for all participants in the process – students and employees of the educational institution alike.

LINK CollegeManager