LINK Distance Learning System for Android

Take knowledge with you whenever and wherever you want.

LINK Distance Learning System for Android is a revolutionary and unique e-learning platform that provides users with a portable version of the Distance Learning desktop app. It creates an opportunity for users to experience a completely new way of learning, much easier and faster than in a traditional classroom, and just as effective.

The app is completely free and available for Android devices on Google Play. Download the app and join the community of future learners that experience the learning of tomorrow!

Limitless resources for studying just a step away from you!

Wherever and whenever you are – learning material is just a touch away! SoftLink Mobile Distance Learning app provides you with a powerful tool for remote learning which gives you the ultimate freedom to learn in a way that you have always wanted! The app puts all the necessary material for education in your pocket or hand – you only need to have a desire for quality knowledge.

Choose and manage courses, teaching modules, lessons, multimedia content; join live classes on the platform, take exams and tests, communicate with your teachers – all via tablet or smartphone. It’s all your choice!

Join live streams of lectures

Following courses has never been easier. If you are tired, far away, momentarily unable to attend, or just plain lazy to go outside, with the LINK Mobile Distance Learning platform you can join live streams and practically be just as present as your classmates, participating in the latest developments.

Check your knowledge anywhere!

Does going to the classroom to take exams bore you? Now you can easily access testing modules from your smartphone and do assignments, take tests and tasks for the chosen course.anytime and anywhere. With just a few touches to your screen, you can fill in the questions and check your answers easily and quickly. And we assure you that the knowledge you gain is of the best quality.

Try the app for FREE now!

If you wish to learn without boundaries, whenever and wherever you want without concerns, try out LINK Distance Learning System for Android and experience the best e-learning mobile app right now!

Stay connected outside the classroom

LINK Distance Learning System for Android allows you to be present and connected with your teachers and classmates. This was solved by creating forums and eduWalls where associates post questions, answer them and discuss current topics and new ideas. Teachers are available through the platform, and will answer your questions within 24 hours; with this app, you can also reach them for additional consulting about any course-related topic.

Be updated at any time!

With this platform, you will be able to stay notified about all news and activities connected to your courses and news from your field of study. The app will keep messages, news, learning instructions and latest manuals coming to your phone or tablet!

LINK Distance Learning System for Android