LINK Lingua

Speak globally and digitally.

The LINK Lingua platform is a progressive e-learning language platform created in accordance with international language learning standards, which combines quality language courses and content with innovative and intelligent technological solutions. Based on our Distance Learning System, it gives you an opportunity to deliver practical skills and language fluency you will be confident applying in real life. LINK Lingua adjusts to your own learning pace and allows you to practice until you feel comfortable and confident with your skills.

What is LINK Lingua?

LINK Lingua is an e-learning platform that assists users in the process of learning new foreign languages with a solid software interface that allows them to learn new words and grammar structures, and practice writing and speaking in a virtual environment that resembles a physical classroom. The platform offers users a feature to engage with lessons that offer a logical progression of language learning difficulty and includes a combination of audio, video, and written content to help learners adapt more effectively to the rules of the language they have set out to learn.

What are the options of LINKLingua?

Realistic examples of content

Assignments and examinations

Following course progression and test scores

Real-time reports about learning

Speech recognition

Combination of lessons and live instructions

Chat and file sharing

Comprehensive vocabulary

Pronunciation check

Personal tutor available

Why should you try LINK Lingua?


The core advantage of the LINK Lingua platform is that it meets the core needs of both novice and experienced language learners, offers numerous opportunities to exercise different levels of language and grammar, and provides clearly recorded real-life examples of chosen language audio resources.


The platform has an option for speaking which is essential for efficient practice. Learners will feel more confident in their skills if the program offers them an opportunity to repeat phrases and words out loud before speaking in real-life situations.


The content on the platform is created by native speakers, as this approach has proven to be more successful than memorizing pre-generated content. Learners have an insight into a less robotic and more natural spoken and written language, which will help them accept new concepts more easily.

LINK Lingua