The future of virtual classrooms.

At the time when most of us, especially students and teachers, live quite busy lives or reside physically far away from our university, many constantly search for new ways to keep up with the academic demands as effectively as they should. Remote learning has evolved and given students and teachers an opportunity to attend lessons from wherever they are. LINK Live’s features facilitate the remote learning experience, enabling students and teachers to preserve the quality of a live lesson while remaining in the comfort of their own home.

What is LINK Live?

LINK Live is a virtual classroom streaming software that provides an easy way for hosting classes remotely while maintaining a high level of quality. Closely interconnected with other integral features of the LINK Distance Learning platform, this solution can be used separately. It offers both students and teachers a real-time experience of the lesson and enables them to connect and interact in almost the same ways as they would in a physical classroom. With LINKLive, students can easily forget they are not in a physical classroom.

What are the options of LINK Live?

Video conferencing

Interactive whiteboards

File and desktop sharing and collaboration

Quick polling and testing system

Different modules and layouts

Cloud recording of the class

Wide broadcasting range

Participation controls

Integration with other e-learning platforms

Instant messaging

Access to lessons archive

Scheduling lessons in advance

Why should you purchase LINK Live?


LINK Live offers features like virtual interactive whiteboards, file sharing and live chat, with the option of creating sub-chats.


Offers the option of scheduling streams of online classes and managing relevant data, including access to archive of earlier video classes.


It enables up to 15 webcams that can broadcast at the same time, making the classroom experience collective while the teacher still keeps the same focus on individual students due to a wide range of streaming options.


Numerous features for interaction between students and teachers.


Software is frequently updated with new features that greatly improve the quality of the learning experience.


It is easily integrated into other e-learning platforms to provide a unified solution: courses platform, online testing platform, virtual classroom and content management, creating an unique and comprehensive learning experience.


LINKLive keeps students focused and engaged in the virtual classroom by providing them with high-quality, real-time audio and video and many collaborative tools to create an authentic learning atmosphere in a digital environment. It creates a consistent and reliable experience and transforms students into active learners.

Technical requirements

LINK Live package includes the LINK Live software with maintenance services, training and support. Technical requirements include:

  • Windows 7 or higher, macOS 10.6 or higher
  • HD camera
  • Streamer
  • Internet connection