LINK Distance Learning System

Engage with the remote learning of the future.

Continuity in learning is important in order for learners to maintain a sense of flow while acquiring their knowledge. For students around the world, traditional classroom learning has become distance learning, and fortunately, digital technology has provided a solution that does not make that a setback for educational practices.

Thanks to LINK Distance Learning System, learners have an opportunity to not only keep in touch with their classroom activities, but also gain valuable knowledge centralized in one platform, that allows them to learn as efficiently as they would in a regular class, but from the comfort that comes only from the freedom of managing time and space meant for studying. And all it takes to make ti possible is just this one software solution.

What is LINK Distance Learning System?

LINK Distance Learning System (DLS) is a remote learning system based on contemporary ICT technologies in the wide range within the learning process. The core idea of this software solution is education via the Internet and computer networks, and the Internet is used for creating a space for the users to interact with the content on the platform, as well as with teachers or authors, and other participants in the DL learning module. The system was originally created for educational institutions and other organizations that conduct employee training.

Why should you purchase LINK Distance Learning System?


LINK Distance Learning System introduces the concept of e-learning into educational facilities and all institutions that practice employee training. LINK Distance Learning System allows distribution and accumulation of knowledge via Internet or intranet – which destroys the barriers of space and time that are inherent to traditional ways of learning and training. Individuals who have access to the system learn by themselves, anytime and anywhere, with the dynamics that best suits their needs.


The system completely fulfills the needs of different types of users: course authors, instructors, administrative workers, and course attendants (students or employees). DLS is an incredibly flexible platform and one of its numerous benefits is the option of creating courses and thematic seminars for various needs.


This software solution fulfills all the future requirements of creating various distance learning classes: computer lessons, foreign language courses, seminars, business courses, traditional schooling curriculum courses (mathematics, physics, history, etc.)


LINK Distance Learning System allows complete management of the courses, as well as communication and data exchange, to take place over the Internet.


The solution offers numerous options for incorporating different learning methods into your class concept: live streams of lectures, educational video content, language learning features such as audio recordings and vocabulary, and many more.


The LINK Testing system is also integrated into this software solution, allowing learners to assess their knowledge on the go while while they learn from the courses, letting them have insight into their newly acquired knowledge.


Depending on the personalized variation of the system, the software allows the feature of creating certificates for successfully completed assessments – and all this happens online!

What are the options of LINK Distance Learning System?

Students' part of the e-Learning platform
Students' part of the e-Learning platform

Learners can interact with the platform in multiple ways, by sorting and taking courses, engaging with video material and assessing their knowledge. They also have access to a messaging system, allowing them to keep in touch with their teachers at any time.

Administrator part of the platform
Administrator part of the platform

Platform administrators are able to create new courses and enhance the existing ones by adding valuable educational material to the platform, and contact their students via the messaging system.

Assigning access levels horizontally and vertically
Assigning access levels horizontally and vertically

Each aspect of the menu content can be assigned exclusively for every user, which provides full control over access privileges, ensuring complete administrative control of content and data.

Possibility of delayed integration with other information systems
Possibility of delayed integration with other information systems

LINK Distance Learning System consists of many integrated features from the SoftLink software package that can be used separately, and DLS itself can be integrated into other educational and information systems for effective management of learning experiences.

Overview of systems and subsystems
Overview of systems and subsystems

Every separate feature of the platform can be accessed individually and function on its own. The administrator can then manage the options of each function of the software as if it were a system unto itself, and customize features to communicate inside the main DLS system.

The main pros from the perspective of an educational institution are:

  • Opening educational institutions to the outer world
  • Saving spacial capacity
  • Differentiation from other educational institutions
  • Simplicity of use
  • Following the trends from the developed countries
  • Taking an active part in connecting people, knowledge and information
The main pros from the student's point of view are:

  • Allows constant learning
  • Self-organization of time management
  • Defining their own pace
  • Engaging the capability for analysis and synthesis of the content they are learning
  • A choice of specialized courses
  • Free choice of the learning location
  • Lowers the cost, eliminating the need for paying the rent and other expenses of living in the place where studies take place
  • Allows working and studying at the same time, etc.

LINK Distance Learning System