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Experience the new age of learning technology

Bringing the digital education revolution

Revamp your learning with our systems

Empowering educators with the software of the future

Engage with high quality learning experiences with personalized solutions.

Empowering educators with the software of the future

Engage with high-quality learning experiences with personalized solutions.

What we do

Creating edtech for the learning of the tomorrow.

We approach educational software with a passion that gives us the opportunity to make innovative solutions for the future of the learning experience. Our goal is driven by the desire to help both IT enthusiasts and educators in our shared goal, which is to use the power of technology to create effective learning and teaching experiences.

Software development
Software development

We adapt our programs and create original software for each new client, made to suit their personal education purposes.


To each of our clients, we offer proper guidance and counseling in order to make the best out of our collaboration.

AI and ML educational software
AI and ML educational software

We believe that the application of progressive learning systems in your educational ventures makes a huge impact on the future of schooling.

Career opportunities
Career opportunities

We offer creatives a chance to do what they love and take an internship at our company, with a chance for the best of them to be hired and make an impact with us.

We want to bring change to learning

Technology has changed everything except your school. Until now.

Proven teamwork efficiency

We offer a variety of professional software development models to meet your school’s needs.


We see no divide between edtech and creativity and through their unity, we blend technology with institutional practices.


With our innovative approach to educational technology, we make sure the final product we deliver meets both teachers’ and students’ needs.

Growth mindset

Our team consists of future leaders who expand their knowledge and vision of modern learning.


Assist us in developing the school experience of the tomorrow

The quirkiness of the creative agency and the analytical mindset of a consulting firm. If you’re talented, passionate, and prepared to have an immediate impact in a growing industry, we’d love to hear from you.


Creating the new age of remote learning

Have you ever wanted to study from the comfort of your own home? Try out our e-learning platform and experience all benefits of digital education with the same quality of knowledge kept.

Who we make our solutions for


We allow educational institutions to focus on student experience instead of dealing with dull errands.


We make school days fun by implementing the benefits of the digital to make resources easily accessible for students.


We assure our technologies benefit tutors by allowing them to be more creative and free in their approach to teaching.

Challenging the world of learning with edtech

edtech in numbers

Quantity and quality

Developed projects 0 +
Developed projects

We created 17 top-notch software for various educational purposes, branded and personalized for the purposes of an imposing number of different educational institutions.

New projects in progress 0 +
New projects in progress

Our belief is that there are never enough new ideas for solutions. We are always developing new software to make learning practices as easier and brighter as the future they will bring.

Countries worldwide 0 +
Countries worldwide

The quality of our edtech solutions has reached a number of users worldwide that we’re proud of. That is a true affirmation of our hard work and the spirit of innovation and progress.

Year tradition 0 +
Year tradition

Since the founding of our company, we have maintained our mission of providing edtech that meets global standards ever since. In the 20 years since our inception, our clients have had nothing but praise.

Success stories

An improved educational experience for everyone

Fast way to obtain knowledge
“I would recommend the e-learning concept to everyone because it provides incredible benefits such as working at the time that suits you best. It also includes interesting and effective courses that allow you to obtain a certificate which is often a requirement for employment. It offers perfect and timely help and technical support, and it is always ready to solve even the smallest problem. My personal experience with LINK Distance Learning System was very satisfying and undoubtedly made learning more flexible, because, due to my busy schedule, I could only practically study on foot. And thanks to this solution it was made possible, plus the dynamic of learning was kept to be as good as in the real class.”
Stefan Teodosić

ITAcademy student

Heightened quality of work
“With the introduction of LINK Testing on a large number of workstations, taking all types of exams in the institution is fully automated. The process of exam preparation is shortened for professors and the time required for student assessment too. Students are enabled to have an insight into the number of points won immediately after the exam, as well as to have an insight into the completed test: correct and incorrect answers to questions. This way of testing increases the quality of work to the satisfaction of both students and professors. The student testing process is in line with the requirements set out in the Bologna Declaration. The final result is an increase in the number of newly enrolled students who recognize the values of the modern way of education.”
Belgrade Banking Academy

Improved student-professor relationship
“On the one hand, in order to provide the same assessment criteria for all students and to deliver exam deadlines and colloquia in a relatively short time interval for such a large number of students, Megatrend University decided to modernize the way of learning and taking exams and implement LINK Testing. The software was implemented on more than a hundred computers in the first phase of cooperation, and then the number of computers doubled. Several hundred students take exams, colloquia, and other tests every day. Examinations are reviewed and graded automatically. The result of the investment was first seen through increased satisfaction with the new system of both students and professors, and then significant savings in time, space and human resources needed to perform thousands of tests during one exam period.”
Dr. Ljiljana Stanojević

Professor at Megatrend Univeristy

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